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Mooring in the port is always a safer and more comfortable choice. Check out the list, locations and some information about the ports & marinas in central Dalmatia.

Adriatic Croatia International Club (ACI) is the largest chain of marinas, not only in Croatia but in the entire Mediterranean. Along the Croatian coast, specifically from Umag in the north to Dubrovnik in the south, there is a total of 22 marinas. All of them are well-equipped and up to a certain date they offer facilities such as a front desk, restaurant, laundry service, repair shop, grocery store, nautical equipment, etc.

There are also many private marinas across the Adriatic, mostly well-equipped and they provide content equivalently to ACI club, including marine gas stations, restaurants, toilets and shops.

Ports and harbours along the coast are generally well equipped and protected from the wind. Every place has its own small coastal port (waterfront), where a safe berth is possible at facilities such as bars and restaurants, gas stations, shops, etc. It is also possible to anchor the vessel in one of the many protected bays, but in that situation you are left at your own risk. The port is always a safer and more comfortable choice.

Central Dalmatia 

This area belongs to the Split area (Dalmatian hinterland) and the islands in the archipelago of Split.

Due to its rich and exciting history, Central Dalmatia is particularly diverse – the influence of Turkish conquests can be seen in the interior (centuries old Alka game in Sinj), and Mediterranean influences are recognizable in architecture, speech, diet and all other aspects of life on the islands.

ACI Marina - Trogir (position: 43 ° 16 ° 30,8'N 15.2'E) 
The marina is located on the small island of Čiovo, in a narrow channel separating the island from the old town of Trogir (which is also located on the island). One of the main advantages of this marina is its location near the centre of Trogir, which is rich in historical monuments, and the old town, which is under UNESCO protection. In addition to historical monuments, the city is known for its rich cultural and entertainment offer, especially in the summer months.

The marina is well protected from all winds, and there are many useful services available - toilets, hotel, restaurant, cafe, parking, shops ...

Marina Zirona – Island of Drvenik Veli (position 43 ° 27,00 'N 16 ° 08,90' E) 
It is located on the island of Drvenik Veli, 4 NM west of Trogir. The marina is currently under construction.

The marina will have 140 berths for boats up to 25 m in length.

Features: The berth is available for free throughout the season without available services. Some of the services that are available in the nearby town; restaurant, market, telephone ...

Marina Kaštela (position: 43 ° 32.7'N, 16 ° 24.12'E) 
Marina Kaštela is a large modern marina in central Adriatic and can accommodate various boat sizes, including mega yachts. The region is known for its pleasant climate, and many islands are near the marina, making this marina ideal to start your journey

Agana (position: 43 ° 30.8'N, 16 ° 07.0'E) 
Agana offers a warm welcome to yachts of all sizes from its protected location between Split and Šibenik. The modern facilities at the port are comprehensive. A short walk from the city is a city which is home to many excellent restaurants.

ACI Marina Split (position: 43 ° 30.10'N, 16 ° 26.0'E) 
ACI marina Split is a large and well equipped marina in the centre of Split, the cultural and economic centre of Dalmatia. Thanks to its location in the centre of the city, it is an attractive place for tourists visiting Split. The marina is well protected and easily accessible, located near the bus and train station, at the foot of Marjan. It includes toilet facilities, various shops, various services, parking, restaurant, snack bar and other amenities.

Marina Lav (position: 43 ° 29'30''N 16 ° 32'11''E) 
It is located in Podstrana, in the heart of a sandy coast. Marina Lav is a remarkable nautical facility that provides berths to yachts up to 30 meters in length and is ideal for VIP guests. A comprehensive range of facilities will ensure comfort and convenience during your stay at the marina.

Marina Baška Voda (position: 43 ° N 16 ° 21,2 '57,2' E) 
Marina Baška Voda is easily accessible due to the proximity of Split. It accepts boats of all sizes in the picturesque surroundings of the airport. It is located in the city centre, illuminated by the crystal turquoise sea on an idyllic place. It is definitely worth to stop in this marina and experience a yacht charter vacation in Dalmatia.

Marina Podgora (position: 43 ° 15:00 'N 17 ° 05:00' E) 
Marina Podgora is near Makarska. The marina includes 220 berths. It is located southeast on the mainland. The marina has all the necessary facilities.

Marina Tučepi (position: 43 ° 11:50 'N 17 ° 03:40' E) 
Marina Tučepi is located in Makarska. The marina covers 50 dry berths and 150 berths at sea.

ACI Marina Milna (position: 43 ° 19.61'N, 16 ° 27.02'E) 
The Marina is located in Milna on the island of Brač and it is the only marina on the island. It is located on the west side of the island across the island of Šolta, near the island of Hvar, which is the perfect resting place when sailing through the central islands. The marina is easily accessible and well protected from winds.

You will find all the necessary services and facilities in the city, and the marina has, among others, a restaurant, a cafe, toilets ...

ACI Marina Palmižana (position: 43˚9'44,64 "N, 16˚23'44,16" E) 
The Marina is located on the island of St. Klement, the largest in the Pakleni Islands archipelago. It is located at a distance of 2.4 nautical miles from the town of Hvar. These wooded islands are virtually uninhabited, so enjoy the "isolation", tranquil peace and preserved nature.

On the other side, after a very short ride, there is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Croatia, Hvar. It is also known as a party destination.

The marina is open from April to October and includes all the basic necessary facilities - showers and toilets, a restaurant, a cafe and a shop.

ACI Marina Vrboska (position: 43 ° 10.80'N, 16 ° 41.00'E) 
It is located on the northern coast of Hvar. The marina is located at the end of a long and narrow inlet. Along with a wide range of services, we get a nice marina for a yacht charter holiday on the Dalmatian coast. In addition to the port facilities, the city has a lot of benefits.

Marina Frapa - Rogoznica (position 43 ˝ 31.00 'N 15 ˝ 58.00' E) 
Marina Frapa in Rogoznica is the best marina on the Adriatic. Marina Frapa is located between Šibenik and Split. Definitely the most beautiful marina in Croatia ...

Marina Kremik - Primošten (position 43 ˝ 34,20 'N 15 ˝ 56.60' E) 
Marina Kremik is located close to Šibenik. It is a beautiful marina in a hidden bay. The vicinity of Split, Šibenik and the airport give it an economic factor.

Marina Vodice - Vodice (position: 43 ° 45'2''N; 15 ° 47'0''E) 
ACI marina Vodice is located in the north-eastern part of Vodice harbour (Vrulje bay). It is protected by two breakwaters. It is open all year and offers 290 berths which have water and electricity.

Marina Hramina - Island Murter (position 43 ˝ 49.00 'N 15 ˝ 36.00' E) 
Marina Hramina on Murter is a port for boats and yachts with 400 sea and 250 dry berths all year round. It is located in the Hramina bay.

Marina Mandalina - Šibenik (position 43 ˝ 43,0 'N 15 ˝ 54,3' E) 
It is located in the town of Šibenik on the beautiful Dalmatian coast. It is known that it is one of the safest berths because of its natural location.

Mandalina Marina & Yacht Club have 350 sea and 50 dry berths on land.

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