Water ski

Water skiing is a sport where skiers control movement on the surface of the water using skis and speedboats or cable ski facilities. Athlete skiers move on the surface of the water on two skis or one ski. This sport is one of more recognized water sports, and competitions in this kind of sport are held on five continents and have more than 3,000,000 officially registered participants.

And for your recreational skiing, it really does not take much. All you need is our boat, skis, a little athletic sprit and a good time and fun are guaranteed!

It would also be desirable that you have at least a little bit of the appropriate physical strength and muscular endurance of the upper and lower body for a good balance. Of course, you would want to experience a little adrenaline rush and plenty of fun. Water skiing is really entertaining and available for people of almost all levels of physical ability and almost all ages. There is no minimum age for water skiing.

Children skiers usually start with children's skis, and along with skis for adults in our offer, we also have children's skis.

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