Stand up paddle boarding

Stand Up Paddling Boarding from its very appearance became a worldwide hit. It is a relatively young sport, documented for the first time in 2013 and is the result of many years of activity of surfers, but in essence, it should not be confused with surfing. The real root of this sport comes from Africa in rowing in canoes in way where the canoe is manoeuvred by paddling in the upright position.

Its huge popularity comes thanks to the fact that it does not require any previous experience; it is very easy to learn and does not require great physical condition. This will occur seamlessly and we dare to say that good physical condition will come as a side effect of Stand Up Paddle Boarding. This is really a sport for the entire family and you just have to try SUP with our boat and inevitably become another fan of this hit.

We do not ask that you take our word for it, try and see for yourself! Along with entertainment, you will discover that it offers so much more; discover the coast, bays or row to sea (but be careful not to row too far), enjoy the feeling of freedom and meditation and you are bound to strengthen the body and spirit.

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