First and only in the world - Via crucis underwater museum. All the new tourist attraction in the city of Trogir, Croatia

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Via Crucis underwater museum - A UNIQUE UNDERWATER STORY!

With a constant focus on improving and expanding our tourist offer, we have decided to realize our idea of setting up all the 14 Stations of  the Cross on the seabed.
The project realized as such is not known anywhere in the world. Never before has anyone presented or realized the idea of setting the Stations of the Cross under the sea.

The location of our Via crucis, underwater museum, all the new tourist attraction is in the city of Trogir, Croatia.

All the 14 Stations of the Cross, 52 life-size statues have been laid on the seabed at a depth of  up to 10 meters. In this way diving is adapted to all, as to the experienced divers, as well as to the very beginners, to those who have never experienced the stunning landscapes of the sea depths.

Welcome, join the adventure of this truly unique underwater story!


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